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As obnoxious as dental problems are, they can happen to anyone at any time.

Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to oral health care of children from the years of infancy to teenage. Pediatric dentists have the experience and the qualifications to handle a child’s dental care throughout the various stages of childhood. Providing oral care to children is different than that of an adult due to low levels of tolerance and cooperation. At American Dental Practices, we have specialist children’s dentist who knows exactly how to deal with the situation. They examine and treat children in ways that make them comfortable. In addition, at American Dental Practices the pediatric dentists use particularly designed equipment that is put together with children in mind.

Our pediatric dentistry in Mumbai offers comprehensive oral health care services that include:
• Oral health care exams, for assessment of caries in mother or child.
• Preventive dental care treatments that include nutrition and diet consultancy.
• Cleaning and fluoride treatment for healthy gums
• Straightening crooked teeth and orthodontic treatment for kids as well as adults
• Treatment for tooth cavities and defects
Gum disease management including ulcers, pediatric periodontal disease, mucoceles etc.
• Dental care for injuries like fractured or displaced teeth

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before after sucess stories American Dental Practices
before after sucess stories American Dental Practices
Before After success stories ADP
Before After success stories ADP


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