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A beautiful smile reflects self-confidence & a positive aura around the person. A smile makeover is a dental procedure that not only creates a beautiful, natural-looking smile but also restores your overall dental health and appearance.

Digital Smile Design

Get that smile makeover you’ve always wanted. This concept allows patients to visualize themselves with their future smile, well in advance of its actual outcome. It is more human, emotional and artistic, but also more efficient and precise through digital technology.

At American Dental Practices, we create a futuristic digital model for your smile correction treatment with the help of photos, videos, X-rays and 3D representation. The design is then molded into a treatment plan that blends together with the biology, function, and structure of the face.

The sequence of the treatment:

  • Photo Analysis:

With the help of a series of high-quality digital photographs, videos, 3D imagery and X-rays of the patient, we study the relationship between the teeth, gums, lips and smile with the facial features in motion and with emotion.

  • Digital Drawings:

A varied set of photographs and videos are analyzed and the digital drawing is made on the basis of the analysis. Once we have the digital framework for your smile makeover, we can select the ideal shape, texture, and color of the dentition.

  • Test drive:

The digital design is turned into a mock-up, which is further tried on the patient. A series of photographs and videos of the ‘new’ version are taken, the details of the treatment are discussed and the photos are then compared to the previous set of photos and videos, making the patient confident and aware of the outcome and the line of treatment. The test drive allows the patient to preview the outcome of the treatment even before the start of it.

Once the preview is approved by the patient, we take things forward by choosing the ideal restoration type and the material and move further to incorporate the final treatment.

THE ADVANTAGES OF DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN                                               
  • Smile simulation – A mock-up of your future smile
  • A natural look to complement your overall appearance
  • Preserves oral health and hygiene
  • Greater control over your cosmetic treatment
  •  Highly customizable results

Success Stories

before after sucess stories American Dental Practices
before after sucess stories American Dental Practices
Before After success stories ADP
Before After success stories ADP

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