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Correct Positioning of the Jaw and Facial Muscles

Experience the benefits of proper jaw and facial muscle alignment. Discover improved comfort, appearance, and overall well-being with correct jaw positioning.

Facial Muscular Imbalances: A Hidden Cause of Lower Jaw Rotation and Health Problems

Numerous studies have shown how muscular imbalances in our faces can lead to our lower jaw changing its position (rotation).
This change in the position of the lower jaw and the strained facial muscles can trigger a whole range of health problems that are not just restricted to our oral health.


To provide evidence-based information and treatments to help people identify, Prevent muscular imbalances in the face.


To raise awareness and treatments of the impact of muscular imbalances in the face on overall health.

Important to notice

Some of the common health problems associated with improper lower jaw positioning are:


Migraine/ chronic headaches

Discover how proper jaw positioning can relieve chronic headaches. Say goodbye to pain and discomfort.


Learn about the link between jaw positioning and tinnitus. Relief may be closer than you think.

Knee ache

Find out how jaw alignment could be the solution to your knee discomfort. Take the first step towards a pain-free life.

Chronic neck ache

Explore how correcting jaw position can alleviate chronic neck pain. Enjoy a more comfortable neck and improved well-being.

Restricted hand movements

Uncover the connection between your jaw and hand mobility. Regain the freedom of movement you deserve.

Shoulder pain

Understand how jaw positioning can impact shoulder pain. Say goodbye to discomfort and regain mobility.

Persistent backache and Knee ache

Discover the dual benefits of proper jaw positioning. Enjoy relief from both back and knee pain.

Chronic acidity

Learn how jaw alignment can reduce chronic acidity. Improve your digestive health and quality of life.

Difficulty breathing under exertion

Explore the impact of jaw position on breathing during physical activity. Breathe easier and perform better.

Early onset of facial aging, dark circles

Find out how jaw positioning can combat early signs of aging. Reclaim a youthful appearance.

Persistent hoarse voice

Understand the connection between your jaw and a hoarse voice. Regain clear and confident vocal quality.

Poor body posture and Hump Neck

Discover how jaw alignment can improve your posture and alleviate hump neck. Enhance your overall well-being.

At American dental practices, our doctors are extensively trained to identify these strained facial muscles and the improper lower jaw position. They treat them to get the lower jaw in a balanced symmetrical position. This will enable them to have none of the muscles associated with the mandible be either overstretched or in spasms.

Achieving this will solve most of the above-mentioned health problems.

The treatment involves “deprogramming of the muscles” surrounding the lower jaw and maintaining the corrected position of the lower jaw by wearing an appliance called a “POSITIONER” during sleep.

Once the lower jaw achieves a balanced position, it can be maintained by rehabilitating the maxillary and mandibular teeth and creating a balanced dental bite in this position.

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