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Other Dental Procedures

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Other Dental Procedures

Tooth Clean-up

Nothing to be scared of! It’s just a sweeping session for your teeth. At American Dental Practices, cleaning of teeth is done by qualified dentists. They quickly run you through a simple, routine dental hygiene test for gingivitis or any such concerns. Once they have a green signal, they brush out all the plaque and tartar. They follow it up with gritty toothpaste cleaning and expert flossing.

Tooth Extraction

If a tooth has been broken or infected; we will try to remedy it with a crown, filling or other treatments. But sometimes you may have a scenario where your tooth is brutally or totally infected involving the nerve that might require extraction.

Teeth Coloured filling

White teeth fillings certainly have their own advantages over others. They are the ones that never blow up your cover. If you have already had silver fillings in place and would like to switch over to white we would be more than happy to assist you.

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