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There is no reason for you to go through life with a crooked or crowded smile. Here at American Dental Practices, we can get your teeth in order and give you the straight smile that you’ve always wanted. The best dentists in Mumbai are here for you, so straighten up and smile right.

Early signs indicating the moment of an orthodontic examination:

  • Late or premature loss of a milk tooth
  • Difficulty eating or chewing.
  • Oral breathing.
  • To suck the finger or any other habit.
  • Crowding, malposition or ectopic teeth (no space to erupt in position).
  • Jaws that change position, or make noises, protrusion or retrusion.
  • Difficulty in speech.
  • Deep bites when they bite the palate or cheeks.
  • Dental protrusion.
  • Teeth that do not contact their antagonists (open bite).
  • Facial asymmetry.
  • Dental bruxism.

What is the ideal age to visit an orthodontist?

Orthodontists can solve dental problems of patients of any age. However, we at ADP recommend that children should see an orthodontist at the age of 7 years. Orthodontic treatment is appropriate for children and adults alike. Whenever the teeth are healthy and strong, it is the perfect time to correct its position. It is important to start planning at the age of seven for the treatment to be executed at the right time.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Aligning your teeth improves the health of your teeth and adds aesthetic value to it.

It is difficult to maintain good hygiene with a crooked and crowded teeth structure. It could possibly lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease or tooth loss in the future.

If the teeth structure is not proper, it can cause wear and tear and even a fracture of the teeth surface. Bad chewing, tension in the gums and bone, or malocclusion (which can further cause severe headaches and back pains) can also happen in the case of an improper teeth structure.

Orthodontic treatments conducted at ADP are comprehensive. The treatment not only reforms the appearance of teeth but also enhances the lips and the overall structure of the face. Gain an attractive smile that will boost your personal and professional relationships.

What is the time required for an Orthodontic treatment?

An orthodontic treatment can last 12, 18, 24, or 30 months depending on the route that the teeth have to make through the alveolar bone, taking into account the biology of each patient. Slight malpositions may only need a few months. The total time depends on the severity of the problem and the anatomy of the patient.

Can it be too late for an orthodontic treatment?

It is never too late to correct your teeth structure. We at ADP have successfully treated children and adults of different ages.

However, to conduct a proper all inclusive orthodontic treatment, the teeth and the gums must be healthy without any inflammation.

The best time to get an orthodontic treatment is when the teeth are still in the growth stage. It is easier and more convenient to influence the movement of the teeth and correct the defects while they’re still growing and developing.

The surge of new technology and the evolution of instruments have made it possible for orthodontists to treat patients of any age with precision and excellence.

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before after sucess stories American Dental Practices
before after sucess stories American Dental Practices
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Before After success stories ADP


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