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Dental issues are of a wide variety and most of these issues start from childhood. Some may even result in sudden drastic changes. Know more about the issues and the cheapest way to close gap or cavity in teeth, within the article.


Are you looking for affordable ways to close the gap or cavities in between teeth?

Look no further because this is the curated list of the cheapest way to close gap or cavity in teeth.


Gap teeth are also called “diastema.” This mostly affects the two upper front teeth, with an apparent gap between the two front teeth. Diastema causes difficulties while eating food. Food particles get stuck causing cavities in between the teeth.


It leads to low self-esteem leaving you awkward when smiling. Gap teeth may make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Further giving the urge to cover your mouth while laughing.


Which treatment can be a better option for gap teeth?


Choose gaps between teeth treatment according to your needs. You need to consult a dental specialist to analyze your teeth and choose the best treatment method. If you can’t afford an expert dentist, not to worry, we got you covered. Providing you with the simplest ways to do it by yourself or with the help of family and friends at home.


The following are the cheapest way to close gap and cavity in teeth:


Using a Dental Impression Kit


A dental impression kit helps to treat the gap teeth. It can put together the six dental impressions, the three lower and three upper. It will force the teeth to move in a straight direction. It helps in supporting and reducing the gap between your front teeth.


Dental Bonding


In dental bonding, resins are applied to the teeth, making them hard using a unique type of light. This will work better when chipped-in teeth go with the gap teeth. This treatment method is reversible so you can start all over again to change the look.


Using Dental Aligners


The dental aligner is a gap between teeth treatment method. These aligners are usually custom-made to suit your needs. But, this treatment will need some consultation from dental experts. The result of this type of dental treatment is not reflected fast. It takes some time for the treatment to be effective.


Using Dental Retainers


Dental retainers are best when the teeth gap is tinier. This method shifts the teeth by putting relevant force through the restorative process. It’s easy to perform it at home by following the steps mentioned on the pack.


What Are The Reasons For Space Between Teeth?


Diastema, or teeth gap, is a common tooth issue in most parts of the world. In some cultures, a gap in the front teeth shows a symbol of good luck and beauty. The causes of space between your teeth include gum disease, jaw size, and large labial frenum.


Large Labial Frenum


It is one of the most common reasons you may have a gap between your front teeth. It attaches your upper lip to your upper gums. If the frenum grows too big, it can create a space between them.


Space between front teeth caused by a large frenum does not always need correction. However, a maxillofacial and an oral surgeon can perform a frenectomy. It is an operation to rectify the problem.


Gum Disease


Spaces between the teeth can also occur due to sickness or disease.


This can cause due to the lack of proper oral hygiene, which can lead to gum diseases. Poor gum health can result in gum infections, loose teeth, receding gums, and more. These signs of gum disease can induce gaps between teeth.


With the presence of these spaces, the teeth can change positions. If you suspect gum disease, dentists advise immediate treatment. Otherwise, it can cause irreversible tooth loss. That can further direct harmful inflammation affecting the entire body.


Jaw Size


According to dental experts, the size of your jaw plays a vital role in the alignment of your teeth. A person’s genetics often defines the teeth’ size and alignment.


If you have a wide or large jaw, your teeth may have more room to shift and change positions.


A lot of space in the jaw and small teeth can cause irregular gaps between teeth.


If you have a wider jaw, you’re also likely to develop dental gaps later in life. Experts confirm that teeth are not immobile. If there is pressure in one direction, the tooth will move that way.


Non-braces Options For Filling Gaps in Teeth


Braces are quite expensive for the average person. If you don’t have the money for braces, there are other inexpensive ways of filling the gaps in your teeth. Here are some affordable methods that you can use to fill the spaces and cavities in between teeth:




Invisalign works well for closing spaces in teeth and straightening crooked teeth. It is an effective gaps between teeth treatment. You can close small gaps by using bonding and veneers but it’s used to close big gaps naturally. Invisalign is a clear aligner that restores your teeth with less visibility. It is pretty pricey but they give a satisfactory non-braces effect.


Veneers and Crowns


A veneer is a small delicate shell that can bond or click to the front of your tooth. Here, the dentist will extract a small part of your enamel before attaching the veneer.


Dental crowns fit over most parts of your tooth. A dental crown fixes damage induced by decay or trauma.




Dental dentures are removable alternatives for your teeth. You can opt for complete or partial dentures. Dentures deal with several teeth removal or damage and when oral health needs a quick repair. If you have little gaps, these dentures will function as removable implants.


Dental Implants


This procedure can be either removable or fixed teeth that match your natural set of teeth. It is advisable to go for dental implants if you have a foot-tooth wide gap. An artificial enamel tooth will attach to your gum. Dental experts are the only ones who can conduct this medical operation.


The success rate for dental implants is 98%, but they are more fragile than natural teeth. If you apply too much pressure to the implant, it can dislodge it. When used carefully, it stays in like your natural teeth. Once you get used to the implant, you will not be able to tell it apart from your natural teeth.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which is the cheapest way to close gap or cavity in teeth?


The cheapest way to close gap or cavity in teeth is through bonding. Basically, filling the gap to correct the teeth shape or reshape it.


Is there any other way to keep my teeth clean and healthy besides brushing them regularly?


Yes, there are other ways to clean your teeth, but you can’t do it without brushing your teeth regularly. Brushing cuts bad breath. You can floss after eating to help remove remaining food particles and other harmful bacteria. It’s difficult to remove all the particles through brushing only. Flossing also lets you reach deep between the teeth. Thus, floss at least once a day.


Can I use salt water instead of toothpaste to brush?


Using salt water directly on your teeth to wipe out stains is not advisable. Salt is abrasive – it can cause permanent damage to your teeth and oral health in general.



Are gaps in your teeth bad?


Large gaps between teeth can cause plaque build-up and bacterial growth. This can cause tooth decay. Gaps in teeth can also cause trouble chewing, swallowing, biting, and pain in your jaw and teeth. You should consider gaps between teeth treatment if you experience pain.


How much does it cost to fill gaps in your teeth?


In the case of direct tooth fillings, the cost of tooth restoration may vary from 1000 to 3500 INR. Indirect fillings such as Inlays and Onlays are costlier and may cost up to 6000 – 15000 INR. Cosmetic dental bonding may cost up to 1500-8000 INR.


Is tooth gap filling permanent?


They generally last between five to seven years and can survive up to 10 years with proper care. Compared to gold or amalgam fillings, composite dental fillings are less durable. Plus, they deteriorate much faster.


How can I close gap teeth naturally?


You can naturally close gap teeth by using Clear aligners. Clear aligners consist of transparent medical-grade polymers. When worn on your teeth, they apply pressure to align them properly.



This was to help you find the cheapest way to close gap or cavity in teeth to suit your needs. Consider these guidances before choosing the right method to treat teeth gaps.

Have you ever used any of these inexpensive methods to close a gap tooth or spaces in your teeth? Please share your views by commenting below. Do not hesitate to share this article so others can learn from it.